Is CBD Oil Legal?

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Is CBD Oil Legal?

We understand why so many of you would be asking this question.

To answer that, YES. CBD is legal in all 50 states. Although, each state has put different restrictions on its buyers. But for Tennessee, as long as the product contains .3% THC or less and the individual is 18+ or older, then the CBD product is legal to possess.

All at once, it seems CBD is widely available at every corner. From Health Food Stores, Gas Stations, Pharmacies, Vape Shops, and even specifically CBD Stores. But is it legal to just walk into a place that sells CBD and purchase it? ------ Yes. There is NO prescription from your Doctor or specialty required to obtain CBD in Tennessee. However, there are a few different CBD products that are exclusive through a prescription from a Doctor or Pharmacy.

What about traveling across state lines or flying on a plane with your CBD product? The answer to this can vary per state when driving across state lines, vary depending on which airline you choose, and depend on what size and kind of CBD product your looking to travel with.

Most commonly used is CBD Oil. As far as traveling from across state lines in your car, we recommend only carrying CBD Oil with .3% or less THC and brushing up on your CBD knowledge for the states you'll be traveling through as laws are always changing with CBD. When it comes to a product like the CBD Hemp Flower, we do not recommend traveling at all with this product. Although the Hemp Flower is legal in most states, including Tennessee, some states have made the Flower illegal.

When it comes to flying with your CBD product, we recommend asking the specific airline you'll be flying with or checking out the airlines website for more information. Some airlines that allow CBD still have restrictions such as the amount of liquid your allowed to bring or you might have to bring documentation on that CBD product.





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