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Can Hemp Help Fight Coronavirus?

 What is Coronavirus? (COVID-19)


Before we dive deep into the world of Hemp Derived products and illnesses, lets breakdown what Coronavirus really is.

It's important to understand that Coronavirus is nothing new. This virus has been around for years, mostly surfacing in the form of a 'common cold' and mostly in animals at that. Now, what separates this certain strain of Coronavirus from others, is that COVID-19 is being passed to humans. Whereas before, only being found in animals; specifically Bats, Felines, and Canines.



But as humans have expanded their variety of meat intake, to more abnormal forms of meat, such as Felines, Canines, and Bats; it makes the likelihood of diseases, such as Coronavirus, to go up. Unfortunately, once COVID-19 is found in a human, this disease can spread very quickly and easily. Although this can be a fearful time, it's important individuals stay strong and don't fear this disease. It's a known fact that fear can weaken the immune system, increasing your chances of contracting an illness.




However, there are things each of you can do to help lower your likelihood of getting an illness. Staying positive and focusing on your health is a good place to start. The key is to staying as healthy as you can, eating immune boosting foods/supplements, and focusing on your day to day life, without fear. So many of us are quick to overreact and feed into the news, running down to the store to stock up on goods and cleaning supplies before its too late. But what so many of us don't realize is the importance of staying mentally strong and being ready to overcome anything that comes our way. This is the key to staying strong and healthy.




So, with all this being said; Can CBD really help fight against Coronavirus? Legally, we can't tell you yes in any way, shape, or form. But, we can educate you on the different ways a pure CBD oil can help boost your immune system, aid in digestive health, help reduce fear-induced stress, and more.

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can be helpful in suppressing the immune system by reducing the inflammation. CBD also has natural antibacterial properties which can help fight against bacterial infections that can be caused by viruses. CBD and THC compounds have both shown to be promising as an antibiotic. Most importantly, with regular use of a Full Spectrum CBD Oil, studies have shown it can increase the white blood cell count, aiding as an immune booster.



When it comes to incorporating a CBD Oil as a daily supplement, it's extremely important to choose one that is a Full Spectrum. What does Full Spectrum mean? This simply means the CBD product contains more than just the CBD compound. It also contains compounds such as THC as well as dozens of other compounds that are naturally present in the Hemp plant.

 A Full Spectrum CBD product is much more beneficial than one that doesn't contain THC. The compounds CBD and THC need each other to work to it's fullest extent inside our body. Meaning, if you are taking a CBD product as a daily use, you are not getting the full benefits if it is not a Full Spectrum product.



With that being said, a trusted Full Spectrum CBD Oil can most definitely aid in your overall health. The key is to be consistent and take your CBD Oil daily. In most cases, taking your CBD Oil 2x per day is recommended; once in the morning and once in the evening. This way, your CBD Oil stays in your system throughout the day and night, working for your all the time.

We hope this article has served each of you well, helped to put your mind at ease, or hopefully opened the doors to a new daily routine. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email anytime of day, or by phone within the hours of 10am-7pm 7 days per week.



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