Full Spectrum CBD Oil 600mg

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The Hemp Connect CBD Oil is a Full Spectrum Oil. This formula contains 600mg total in the entire 30ml bottle. Each 1ml contains approximately 20mg. The dropper is marked up to 1ml for easy measuring.

On average, if you are just beginning your CBD journey, this oil may be a good fit for you. On a scale of 1-10, if your condition is a 1-5 then 600mg may be an adequate place to start. If one is experiencing symptoms on a mild scale such as: daily headaches, anxiety and depression, aches and pains, back problems, and so on.

Start by taking .5ml twice per day or 1ml once per day to test the waters. If you are realizing that your routine exceeds 2ml per day, then consider moving up in strength. We also offer a 1,500mg formula for those who experience stronger symptoms.


Ingredients: MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil, Terpenes.