What you see below is Hemp Flower. Organically grown, meaning no pesticides or chemicals used. In order for this beautiful plant to be legal in all 50 states, Hemp Flower must contain less than <.3% Delta9 THC. All of our Hemp Flower is lab tested, meaning it's <.3% Delta9 THC, while also meeting the industries standards. 

Hemp Flower is one of the many options to try out when it comes to using Hemp. This product, as you may have guessed, is consumed by smoking. Hemp Flower can be put into a pipe, bowl, or a wrap of some sort. The benefits of smoking Hemp Flower are similar to that of other Hemp-Derived products such as Oil, Gummies, Vaping, and so on. The effects from smoking Hemp Flower can last up to 3hrs depending on your condition and your purpose for consuming. There is NO "high", or psychoactive effect, what so ever. The feeling that can be associated with consumption of Hemp Flower is a body relaxation, slight body tingle, and overall sense of calm. Some of the more common symptoms that may find relief from smoking flower are: General pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, overall mood enhancement, stress reliever, and headaches, to name a few.

At Hemp Connect, we have come to understand that not everyone is as educated as they could be on the usage of Hemp Flower and what it is. Therefore, we do NOT recommend smoking this product anywhere except your home or a place that may allow the consumption of Hemp Flower. This is for your safety and protection. We encourage you, the consumer, to keep information handy regarding your Hemp Flower purchase, and while traveling with your product. This is to protect you in the event a law enforcement official requires proof. Also, you are more than welcome to reference anyone who has an issue to our website. Specifically, to this particular page. We want to thank you in advance for always using caution while traveling with Hemp Flower and whilst educating others.