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We want to thank everybody for taking the time to stop by and see what we're about. We hope you not only enjoy all of the products featured but also take with you information and pass it along to others. We have carefully selected videos, information, charts, and more to better help everyone understand the basics of the Hemp plant and all the wonderful products that can be made as a result. Eventually our collection of testimonials will build from you guys and we can share with everyone that no matter the reason you choose a Hemp-Derived product, it's just as important as the next.
To start out, we want to let everyone know why we started Hemp Connect and what our goal is.
We want to see the Hemp plant make it's way full force back into society and communities across the United States. The medicinal qualities of the Hemp Plant are endless and can be used to make/produce anything from clothing for your body to food you can put inside your body. When you start exploring the products we offer you will soon see there is just about anything you can incorporate Hemp into.
This plant has been around since the 1600's (they estimate) and was first used to make simple things such as clothing, rope, sails ships, etc. To clear things up, yes, Hemp and Marijuana come from the same family and produce many of the same compounds but Hemp contains high amounts of Cannabidiol while Marijuana is the opposite, containing high amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol. All the while, BOTH Hemp and Marijuana both contain Cannabidiol & Tetrahydrocannabinol.
Our goal is to educate on the little important things such as this. We want to spread awareness of the endless potential and opportunity that comes along with Hemp. We are wanting people to understand just how much this organic substance can help relieve pain from many diseases, illnesses, everyday common symptoms/aches and pains to mental diagnosis' such as anxiety and depression.
Based on the doctors, lab tests/experiments, and testimonials done throughout the World, it is becoming clear to many that Hemp derived products are a healthier way of living and treating diseases and diagnosis'.
At Hemp Connect, we want to help spread this message by teaching everyone we meet about this plant. We want to share our featured products with you as well as newsletters informing you on the latest information and news. 
We hope you enjoy your experience with us and at the very least learn something you can share with others regarding Hemp & this industry. Never hesitate to email, call, or text about any questions, recommendations, or illness related concerns and we will do our best to help you get informed and find a Hemp-Derived product that is going to suit you personally.