How Much CBD Should I Take?

A good place to start is knowing you can never take "too much" CBD. There is no overdosing, no side effects, & no worrying. Although, if you do consume a much larger amount than normal, you risk becoming drowsy or possibly an upset stomach from too much of an ingredient like coconut oil or olive oil, which it can be infused with.

#1 Start by asking yourself your level of pain/sevierty of your condition on a scale of 1-10(or whatever scale you want to use, we aren't picky). This is a mixture of how severe your pain is, how often you experience that pain, and does the pain switch between mild and severe. (We are no doctors, we just love to research and recommend based on facts)

#2 Estimate your size, or measure yourself, and go based off your weight. An "average" amount of CBD to take is 1mg per 10lbs of body weight. BUT, that depends on what's going on with your body, you might need more or less.

#3 CBD Oil, Capsules, & Certain edibles are going to be the most accurate, no-brainers, when it comes to measuring out your amount of CBD. Most bottles of CBD Oil will tell you how many mg’s are in 1 drop. While some CBD oils will tell you how much CBD is in 1 full dropper. Capsules and most edibles are measured out for you so there is no worry.

#4 Once you find the CBD product of your choice, take that product 1-4 times daily, or as needed. CBD will typically last 4-6hrs or more if you are taking the appropriate dose that helps alleviate your symptoms. There is no wrong time to take CBD. Take your CBD when you feel you need to! Some people might need CBD once a day and others might need CBD 5 times per day. Everyone is different!



Always place CBD Oil under the tongue and let it sit there for up to 1 minute. Allow CBD up to 45 minutes to start to take full effect, although in some cases CBD can start to take effect as soon as 5min.