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The Charlottes Web Hemp Derived Capsules are recommended to be taken 1-2 times per day. There is 15mg & 35mg Cannabidiol per serving, depending on which of the 2 options you choose. These capsules are certified Gluten free as well as Vegan. We currently only have 1 variant in stock.

How to know which potency to choose? Good question! You can look at the capsules in 2 ways: The 8mg per capsule (30ct bottle - 480mg total) can be taken on more minor cases of symptoms, either once or twice a day. This bottle might go a little quicker. There is also a 15mg per capsule (60ct bottle - 900mg total)

The 35mg per serving can be taken once or twice daily as needed. Being 35mg per serving, 1 per day might be perfect for you. If you experience severe problems and symptoms, 2 a day might be a better fit for you. These are offered in 30ct (1,050mg total) and 60ct (1,800mg total) bottles.

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Rice bran, Cellulose, Fractioned coconut oil.